A proven, efficient and environmentally sound means to help Utah become energy independent while providing long-term jobs for local families.
Proven. Enefit is a mining and oil company with a 30-year track record of producing liquid fuels out of mined oil shale in a safe, smart, and economically viable manner. Learn More
Abundant. Enefit’s Utah project is located within one of the richest areas of the region’s oil shale formation, containing at least 2.6 billion barrels of recoverable fuels that can be safely mined without “fracking” or the processing of oil or tar sands. Learn More
Advanced. Enefit is uniquely experienced in employing the best available technologies for clean, safe, and reliable production. Learn More
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Lower Water Use. The project will be designed for minimal water use in every step of mining and production. Learn More
Efficient. Oil from oil shale is a reliable and efficient resource. Learn More
Prosperous. Enefit can meet 1/3 of Utah’s liquid fuel demand while providing stable jobs for local families to thrive. Learn More

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Agreement Paves Way For Oil Shale-Fired Power Plant in Jordan

The Jordanian national power company, NEPCO, signed a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement on October 1st that will allow for construction of a 554-megawatt oil shale-fired plant. Attarat Power Company (APCO), of which Enefit is a partner, will build and operate the plant, to be located in the central part of the country south of the capital, Amman.

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