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Abundant. Enefit’s Utah project is located within one of the richest areas of the region’s oil shale formation, containing at least 3.5 billion barrels of recoverable fuels that can be safely mined without “fracking” or the processing of oil or tar sands. Learn More
Advanced. Enefit is uniquely experienced in employing the best available technologies for clean, safe, and reliable production. Learn More
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Lower Water Use. The project will be designed for minimal water use in every step of mining and production. Learn More
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Prosperous. Enefit can meet 1/3 of Utah’s liquid fuel demand while providing stable jobs for local families to thrive. Learn More

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Long-awaited utility corridor EIS nears finish line; needs final push from supporters

For the past five years we’ve been keeping you informed about the environmental review process to allow Enefit to extend utilities for our Utah Project across a sliver of federal land. We are pleased to say that the Final Environmental Impact Statement has been approved by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s office and will be published in the Federal Register Friday, May 18.


Publication of the FEIS triggers a 45-day public comment period, ending on July 2. Friends and allies of the Project have graciously provided supportive comments throughout the process to the Bureau of Land Management, the agency overseeing the environmental review. We respectfully request that individuals and groups once again send in comments to the BLM at blm_ut_vernal_comments@blm.gov. If you’d like to review the FEIS or other project information, visit the BLM’s website at go.usa.gov/csa9j.


Guidance on submitting comments, along with key points to include, was provided in our April 2016 newsletter (find it here). That information is still current and can be used to develop comments, which we strongly encourage you to do.


After this final comment period closes – and assuming there are no unforeseen, last-minute issues raised in the public comments – the Record of Decision will be signed and a right-of-way grant will be issued to Enefit. Environmental interest groups and others then have 30 days to appeal the decision, which we expect to occur. To date, however, all concerns raised by third parties throughout the EIS process have been resolved to the BLM’s satisfaction, so we’re optimistic that any appeals will not be successful.


Thanks again for your consistent support during this long and arduous process!



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