05 March 2015

Enefit American Oil is pleased to announce its Utility Corridor Right-Of-Way Review
and Preliminary Engineering Study assigned to Bowen Collins and Associates.

Enefit American Oil has selected and started work with Bowen Collins (BC&A) to perform
a Utility Corridor Right-Of-Way Review and Preliminary Engineering Study.


BC&A will evaluate, refine, and ground-truth options for the previously completed Conceptual Route Study as well as provide visual simulations as requested by the BLM to support EAO’s ongoing EIS.  Further, BC&A will perform the Preliminary Engineering of the corridor’s utilities and ancillary facilities, including configuration of the transmission line, pipelines and related equipment, electrical engineering of the switchyard and location and design of construction workspace and access roads. BC&A’s highly qualified interdisciplinary team is joined by technical experts from Gerhart Cole Inc., ICPE Inc., EPC Energy Services, and Whitaker Construction Company Inc. For additional information, please contact Alfredo Gonzalez at alfredo.gonzalez@enefit.com.