April 2013

Project Begins Environmental Review Process

8 Apr 2013

We recently submitted an application to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to begin an Environmental Impact Statement on a portion of our privately owned property that we call “Enefit South.” This involves about one-third of the 30,274 acres that we control. While the site is privately owned, utilities to serve it must cross BLM land, which triggers an EIS.

Over the spring and summer, the BLM will work with state and federal agencies to identify potential environmental impacts from the project. Public scoping meetings are tentatively planned for the late summer.
These will provide an opportunity for any member of the public to comment on or ask questions about how the project might affect the Uintah Basin and surrounding area. We will let you know when and where these meetings are planned so you can attend.

During 2013, we are also continuing our process of collecting baseline data about the site and the project. This includes studying air quality, water resources, biological resources, cultural resources and socioeconomic conditions. A project like this requires a significant amount of study and we’re committed to meeting or exceeding all rules and regulations.

Is oil shale production water-intensive?

8 Apr 2013

Estimates show oil shale projects using from one to three barrels of water for every one barrel of oil produced. Enefit’s project will be on the low end of that scale.



By contrast, producing just one two-liter bottle of your favorite sweetened soda pop uses four to eight barrels of water!