June 2013


Oil Gives Energy Independence,
Jobs and Prosperity

10 Jun 2013

Sandor Liive´s Opening Speech at the International Oil Shale Symposium 2013.

Minister Parts, members of the Parliament, Your excellencies, professors, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to welcome you to the 4th International Oil Shale Symposium here at Tallinn University of Technology.

The first time academics and experts gathered here in this university for an oil shale conference was in 1968. 1968 – the Estonian oil shale industry was already 54 years old and during that time oil shale has provided electricity and heat to the capital and provided motor fuels for cars and ships as well as gas for St Petersburg. By 1968 the 1624 MW Balti Power Station had been in operation for 2 years already and the first block of the 1610 MW Eesti Power Station was under construction. More