July 2013

BLM Sets Scoping Meetings

1 Jul 2013

The Bureau of Land Management has scheduled public scoping meetings for late July on the Environmental Impact Statement for utility corridors needed to serve Enefit’s Utah oil shale project. While the project will be developed on private land, the utilities to serve it cross federal land, which requires an EIS. Scoping meetings will be held at Vernal City Hall on Tuesday July 16, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and on Wednesday July 17 at the Salt Lake City Main Library, also from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please attend one of these sessions to let the BLM know that you support Enefit’s project and want to see it move forward.


Reaching Out To The Community

1 Jul 2013

We’ve spent a great deal of time out and about in the local community, talking with people about oil shale and our project, as well as hearing what they have to say about “unconventional” energy development.

During the past two months, we’ve given presentations at Utah’s Office of Energy Development; the Central Utah Water Conservancy District; Deseret Generation and Transmission; the Chambers of Commerce in Rangely and Meeker, Colorado; and several events in Vernal, including a site tour for local media, a “lunch club” briefing in association with KVEL Radio and the Quarry Restaurant; and a community open house attended by more than 100 local residents. In addition, we held a session in Salt Lake City to educate vendors and contractors about potential opportunities with the Project.

In short, it’s been a very busy few weeks. And, we’re gratified by the great support that people in the Uintah Basin and western Colorado are showing for the Project. While construction and operation are still several years away, many residents are excited about the opportunities the Project can bring. The prospect of 2,000 stable, well-paying, long-term jobs, in particular, is very attractive to residents who want to see their children remain in the community, rather than seek jobs elsewhere.

Estonia’s Oil Shale Experience In The News

1 Jul 2013

The Associated Press published an in-depth article, “Estonia eager to teach world about oil shale,” about Estonian’s experience with “squeezing oil from a rock” click here to read the full article on Yahoo News.

Calling All Vendors & Contractors

1 Jul 2013

Enefit recently hosted a briefing for local vendors and contractors interested in potential opportunities with the project. The Salt Lake City session attracted about 50 people, representing a wide range of businesses from architects to excavators to equipment suppliers. We will continue to build a database of potential contractors and alert them of bidding opportunities as we move forward with the project. Interested vendors and contractors are encouraged to register their company on our website »


2013 International Oil Shale Symposium

1 Jul 2013

More than 430 people from all over the globe attended the 2013 International Oil Shale Symposium held in Tallinn, Estonia. The symposium included honorary guests such as US Ambassador to Estonia, Jeffrey Levine, and Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, Juhan Parts.

A group of 28 people representing Utah government and business interests attended the conference, which covered oil shale topics including technology, mining, industry developments, geology and extraction processes. Keynote speakers included Leonhard Birnbaum, Vice Chair Europe of the World Energy Council; Didier Houssin, Director of Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology for the International Energy Agency; and Hardo Pajula, an Estonian economist.

After meetings in Tallinn, many of the participants, including most of the Utah delegation, headed to eastern Estonia to tour Enefit’s oil shale-powered electricity plants, oil shale mining operation and new Enefit280 liquid fuels plant.

After the symposium, the attendees were urged to get out and explore the wonders, art, and beauty of Tallinn.