EAO extracts two new oil shale core samples for continued test work

Enefit American Oil recently began an important new geologic research program on its Enefit South private property, about 45 minutes southeast of Vernal, Utah, near the Colorado border.


Working together with Himes Drilling Company and Norwest Corporation, EAO extracted two new oil shale core samples in late 2015 from the company’s bulk research site (known as ‘the box cut’) for additional test work.


The core samples will undergo laboratory analysis for oil shale grade, mineralogy and other characteristics that are key to helping EAO better model design alternatives for the Utah project. This new dataset will help inform mine planning and engineering as EAO continues to move the Utah Project forward.


2015-12-02 14.24.14 (1024x1024)

2015-12-02 08.48.01 (768x1024)