Estonia is hosting an International Symposium, “Oil Shale 100,” to celebrate 100 years of oil shale mining

Foto 262From September 20 – 23, Estonia will be hosting an International Symposium, “Oil Shale 100.” The symposium will connect resource holders, technology developers, researchers, government representatives and business leaders from across the world to celebrate a momentous anniversary in oil shale development – 100 years of oil shale mining in Estonia. The event is organized under the leadership of the world´s leading oil shale energy company Eesti Energia, Tallinn University of Technology, and the University of Tartu.


According to Hando Sutter, Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, the symposium will offer unique opportunities to hear about the latest innovations and technology updates, increases in efficiency and applications to reduce environmental impacts.


“Estonia is living proof that the oil shale industry can be viable long-term and has remained so throughout the last century. Estonia is the largest oil shale processor in the world, and we have proven technologies for producing both electricity and oil. In addition to developing the world´s largest oil shale industry in Estonia, we are able to export our unique know-how to other resource holding countries,” Hando Sutter noted.



According to Professor Volli Kalm, Rector of the University of Tartu, this is a milestone year for Estonia’s oil shale industry. It marks 100 years since oil shale mining began and for oil shale being the subject of scientifically based research. “Scientific research on oil shale, carried out with the help of Estonian universities, enables the Government to make well-informed decisions so that, through job creation and promotion of innovation in the energy sector, our society can continue to benefit from oil shale in the future,” Kalm said.


“When it comes to Estonian research and technology, oil shale science is indisputably world-class. A discussion of the field’s global future presents a big challenge and opportunity for all our researchers and engineers,” observed Jaak Aaviksoo, academician and Rector of the Tallinn University of Technology.



The first oil shale conference was held in Estonia in 1968 at the Tallinn University of Technology. Most recently, Estonia hosted an international oil shale symposium in 2013 with 400 industry professionals from 33 countries attending.


The symposium´s panel sessions will be held in Tallinn at Kultuurikatel (Tallinn Creative Hub) on September 20 and 21. A field trip will offer an opportunity to visit industrial-scale oil shale facilities – the 300 MW Auvere Power Plant, and the Enefit280, a combined shale oil, gas, and electricity cogeneration plant, as well as an operational open cast mine. The symposium is being organized in collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, and the Estonian National Committee of the World Energy Council.
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