World’s largest oil shale-fired power plant under construction

Elsewhere in the world, construction continues on the largest energy project in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan, an oil shale-fired power plant affiliated with and partly owned by Enefit.


Like Enefit’s home country of Estonia, Jordan’s only significant domestic energy resource is oil shale, and Jordan hopes to eventually replicate Estonia’s achievement of energy independence with the $2 billion power station scheduled for completion by mid-2020.


A liquid fuels plant, similar to Enefit’s proposed Utah Project, is also in preliminary stages of development.


Work underway at the power plant includes construction of turbine and boiler foundations, water and sewer treatment infrastructure, worker housing and other infrastructure and support facilities. Mine opening, including overburden removal and mine infrastructure construction has also started.


The project is being developed by Enefit affiliate Attarat Power Company (APCO), in partnership with Chinese and Malaysian energy, engineering and construction companies.