Enefit Defends Utility Corridor Approval Against Challenge by Interest Groups

On July 30th, 2019, the United States District Court’s District of Utah granted Enefit American Oil’s motion to intervene in the appeal process for the Utility Corridor Project. The narrow, 15-mile-long corridor across federal land was requested by EAO to extend industrial-scale utilities to its planned oil shale mine and production facility on private property the company owns in Utah’s southern Uintah Basin.


The Bureau of Land Management approved the right-of-way in September 2018, following nearly six years of review, analysis and public comment. In its record of decision, the BLM noted that building and operating the utility corridor would have fewer environmental impacts than alternatives, such as serving the project with trucks.


In May 2019, several special interest groups filed an appeal of the BLM’s decision. Granting EAO’s motion to intervene allows the company to formally participate in the appeal process and actively defend the agency’s decision and grants of the rights-of-way.