Health & Safety

Enefit American Oil is committed to conducting our business with primary emphasis on the health and safety of our employees, our contractors, and the communities in which we work and live. We recognize that a safe working environment is fundamental to our long-term business success.


At Enefit, we believe:

  • Safe, healthy employees are our most valuable resource;
  • Injuries are preventable, and we must continually strive for a zero-incident environment;
  • Our leaders have a responsibility to create and promote a safe workplace, and they will set an example for conducting safe work practices;
  • Every employee is responsible and accountable for safety, and every employee is empowered to ensure unsafe work practices or conditions are immediately addressed;
  • Our facilities must be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained with safety as a priority;
  • No job or activity is so important or urgent that safety will be compromised;
  • Safety education of all employees is essential to the success of our safety program and our business; and
  • We must continuously evaluate our facilities, policies, and actions to ensure the safety of our employees, implement recognized best practices, and comply with federal, state, and local regulations.


We will seek continual health and safety improvements by setting objectives and targets; providing the resources to maintain and improve our health and safety performance; reviewing our progress; and communicating our achievements to our stakeholders. Our contractors must meet the same safety performance standards as the company’s own employees, and safety record will be an important factor in contractor selection. All incidents will be investigated to determine the root cause and prevent future events.


Our safety culture places enduring value and priority on our workers and the public at every level of our organization.