Enefit’s Utah Team

Rikki Hrenko-Browning

Chief Executive Officer, Enefit

Ms. Hrenko-Browning leads the Enefit American Oil team and is based in the Salt Lake City office. Prior to that she was a Project Director in Enefit (Eesti Energia) working on international shale oil development projects. Ms. Hrenko-Browning graduated with Distinction from Carnegie Mellon University and holds an M. Sc. in Environmental Policy and Management.


Ryan Clerico

Head of Development and Environment, Enefit

Mr. Clerico is in charge of obtaining and managing all permit applications and permits applicable to the project (exploration, mining, processing, air, water and overall environment), including overseeing and maintaining monitoring plans and field studies and the development and execution of any mitigation and compliance programs.



Tina Zufelt

Office Manager/Accountant, Enefit

Ms. Zufelt is an experienced office manager with over 12 years experience working in the oil and gas field, she is responsible for accounting, contract management, payroll, HR and office management in Enefit American Oil’s office in Salt Lake City.


Indrek Aarna

Head of Research and Development, Enefit

Dr. Aarna is responsible for design and development of the Enefit retorting technology for all Enefit shale oil development projects, in Estonia and abroad. He is a previous Board Member of Enefit Outotec Technologies and holds a PhD in Chemistry from Brown University.


Henri Kersna

Applied Geologist, Enefit

Henri Kersna is an Enefit applied geologist with comprehensive experience in the field in the U.S., Estonia and other countries. He holds a master’s degree in geology and is in the progress of acquiring a master’s degree in business administration.


Erkki Kaisla

Mining Development Manager, Enefit

Mr. Kaisla is a mining engineer with over 15 years of experience responsible for all mine development projects in Enefit, in Estonia and abroad.